2017’s THEME

Boldness drives innovation and creation. It is the source of inspiration, il lets us transform most crazy projects into reality. It nourishes the wonderful machine of dreams, optimism, happiness that every human being finds when accomplishing his projects and when following his destiny. It builds the entrepreneurs’ attitude and must continue inspiring creation and innovation and therefore facilitate economic growth.

Cristal Festival DNA


At the very heart of the Cristal Festival, it provides great opportunities to engage with brands.


They close the year by announcing the latest trends¬†and are¬†the¬†advertising industry’s answer to the Golden Globes. With Jury panels encompassing advertisers and agencies,¬†the competitions are great benchmarking tools for participants.


Over 3¬†days, the festival’s high-end debates & conferences are a true source of inspiration for future creative campaigns,¬†new marketing actions and innovative technologies.


Cristal Academy

Get your membership to the CRISTAL ACADEMY and benefit from a VIP treatment during the Cristal Festival:
participate¬†in the Cristal Academy’s Juries, invite your clients & take advantage of¬†our meetings planning¬†service!

academy_brandGathering media agencies, content providers, talent, content distributors and advertisers.

academy_mediaGathering professionals of the media industry: marketing & digital agencies, media, ad networks, advertisers, ad exchanges, start-ups, ad server, data & techno providers and former jury members of the Media competition.

academy_dataGathering digital advertising professionals using technological innovation as part of their marketing development strategies: agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, audience targeting companies, trading desks, data management platforms, DSP, Data & techno providers, start-ups…

academy_creativeGathering former and current members of our Creative juries.

academy_sportGathering advertisers, International Sports Federations, agents and agencies.

academy_womanEuropean networking club for female leaders in communication, marketing, media, digital and advertising.



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2016 Jury Presidents