9/13 DECEMBER 2015

NETWORKING is at the very heart of the Cristal Festival. The event provides great opportunities to engage with brands.

The CRISTAL AWARDS – which are the advertising industry’s answer to the Golden Globes – close the year by announcing the latest trends. With Jury panels encompassing advertisers and agencies, the competitions are great benchmarking tools for participants.

The high-end DEBATES & CONFERENCES are a true source of inspiration for future creative campaigns, new marketing actions and innovative technologies.

The programme is divided into two major themes:

CONTENT CREATION IN THE DIGITAL ERA (9/10 December) – The Brand Entertainment & Content Summit will gather international experts for conferences and its competition. Two days will showcase the steady growth of branded content and the emergence of new distribution channels in the digital era.

MARKETING INNOVATION & DATA FORUM (11/12 December) – The Marketing Innovation & Data Forum will welcome international digital advertising specialists – agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, audience targeting companies, trading desks, data management platforms, DSP, data & techno providers, start-ups, data scientists, innovation experts – for conferences, workshops and networking sessions.

This year, particular attention will be given to e-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CALL FOR ENTRIES ► Enter your campaigns in our 18 categories before October 23rd and be part of global advertising rankings!

SUMMER OFFER ► 980€ until August 9th – including lunches, cocktail receptions, dinners, conferences, awards ceremonies and networking sessions

Get your membership and benefit from a VIP treatment all year long: the CRISTAL ACADEMY offers networking, debate & knowledge sharing opportunities to senior executives from the Marketing & Data, Brand Entertainment, Media, Sports Marketing and Creative industries at large

Summer Offer: 980€ until August 9th!

  • Get your membership to an ACADEMY and benefit from a VIP treatment all year long and during the Cristal Festival:

  • The Academies were created to offer networking, debate and knowledge sharing opportunities to senior executives of the communication industry. They gather members from the Marketing & Data, Brand Entertainment, Media and Creative industry at large who meet to discuss topics related to their community.

  • Marketing & Data Cristal Academy : It gathers all professionals using technological innovation as part of their marketing development strategies.

  • Brand Entertainment Cristal Academy : The greatest International specialists will gather to discover new content to promote brands and innovating distribution channels. Members participate in the summit editorial content and play an active role in co-opting new Academy members.

  • Media Cristal Academy : Its aim is to gather actors in the diverse media industry (media sales houses, content creators, agencies and advertisers) and to create a forum for new ideas and innovative media strategies.

  • Creative Cristal Academy : It offers an exclusive opportunity for previous Cristal creative jury members and participants, to gather and select the Creative Academy Grand Cristal. It’s a true networking hot spot for the creative community.

  • Women Cristal Academy : It’s a networking powerhouse for female leaders in communication, marketing, media, digital and advertising. The academy sessions, taking place all around the year, focus on new ideas, strategies and new talent.

  • Membership: 2140€ excl. VAT

Cristal Academy

The Media Cristal Academy was created to offer all year round networking, debate, & knowledge sharing opportunities to senior executive of the communication industry. The Academy gathers members from the media industry at large: media agencies, advertising agencies, media sale houses, Telecom agencies & distributors, who meet regularly to champion and promote excellence in advertising.

The objective of the Academy is to highlight specific issues relating to industry and invite collaboration among members who are actively developing outstanding creativity.The Media Cristal Academy is already established in France, Egypt, Lebanon and KSA. Academies will open this year in the UK, Russia, Italy & Spain.

If you would are interested in our membership package please contact: - Tel: + 33 (0) 1 42 04 46 46

Marketing & Data Cristal Academy

The Marketing & Data Cristal Academy has been created in order to bring together all the professionals who incorporate technological innovation in their marketing developments (start up, entrepreneurs, Venture Capital, advertisers, agencies…).

Women Cristal Academy

The Women Cristal Academy is a network of leading women from the European communication, marketing, media, digital, and advertising industries that gather to highlight the success of women in these trades. Members benefit from all year round networking, debate, & knowledge sharing as well as seminars & conferences. The academy also supports new talent and innovative strategies within the industry. The Academy also promotes and recognizes women’s contribution to the creative world.

If you would are interested in our membership package please contact: - Tel: + 33 (0) 1 42 04 46 46

Production Cristal Academy

The Production Cristal Academy aims to bring together the business community of the Production industry (TV producers, producers, production companies, sound design companies, brand content experts) to highlight the multiple developments of the sector and its specific services to the industry (innovation, technology, new media ). The Cristal Production Academy offers an all year round informal environment for networking and knowledge sharing.

If you would are interested in our membership package please contact: - Tel: + 33 (0) 1 42 04 46 46

As talent endorser, the Cristal Festival offers new or confirmed talents the opportunity to promote and showcase their best creative work through one of its unique international contests.
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